The old building is the symbol of an era, the witness of human civilization.
An ancient city should have the unique natural history, local architecture and social culture.
An old street with plane trees should have historical humor and developing life.
An industrial heritage should be revitalized the brilliance of life.
When the structure and texture of old cities with history and culture are devastated without any reservations,
The idea that old buildings must be conserved, renovated and reused is widely accepted and becomes an obligation.

Kunming, an ancient city of thousands of years

Kunming, which has more than 2200 years of history, with near 7 million people and 26 minorities,
is the capital of Yunnan province and the third biggest city of the southwestern China.
It is renowned for “Spring City” due to a balmy climate all the year round.

Here is the place of enormous prominent figures, such as
Zheng He, the great navigator of Ming dynasty; Lan Mao, the medical scientist of Ming dynasty;
Tang Jiyao and Cai’e, the leaders of "The Defending Republicanism Movement" in modern history;
Zhu De and Ye Jianying, supreme commanders of China;
Li Zhengdao and Yang Zhenning, contemporary famous scientists…

Here is the place of a large number of historic sites, such as
East Temple Tower, West Temple Tower and Yuantong Temple, built in the Tang dynasty;
Jinma and Biji Memorial Arch and Golden Temple, constructed in the Ming dynasty;
Yunnan Jiangwu Military Academy and National Southwest Associated University, founded in the contemporary history…

Here is the place of brilliant ethnical culture, such as
"Ashima", a world-famous narrative poem of the Hani ethnic group;
"Dynamic Yunnan", the performance of ethnical dances;
The Torch Festival of the Yi ethnic group, Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai ethnic group…

Shulin Street is an old street of Kunming

The old street surrounded by plane trees, with East Temple Tower, West Temple Tower and Jinri building nearby,
is the proof of vicissitudes of Kunming, and has a plenty of legends and anecdotes.
From the trade history of late Ming dynasty and early Qing dynasty to the education history of the Qing dynasty,
From the modern industrial history to the main commercial streets of "historical and ethnical culture ",
Shulin Street shows the track of the historical and cultural development of the ancient city.

East Temple Tower and West Temple Tower the oldest twin towers in Kunming, were built in the era of Nanzhao Kingdom in Tang Dynasty. It looks more immemorial and grand compared with the surrounding modern architectures.

Rubber Factory, an industrial heritage

Rubber Factory is located on No.128 Shulin Street, which is a brilliant symbol of state-owned enterprise and an industrial landmark of the era, has experienced the changes of 55 years.
The old industrial buildings, with the grey tile, red brick and high beam, concentrate the architectural essence of 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and permeate the unique historical sense of space and art taste of architecture!
It remains the architectural masters’ masterpiece of Eastern European, the people's passion of several generations and the vicissitudes of modern industrial development...
It left to the modern city a precious heritage of industrial culture and urban memory.

The old streets in old city were laden with history. Most of the masterpieces of architecture masters were ruined.
Its brilliance and glory were faded with the change of history.
All of the past urges us to probe into details and awaits vitality.