Based on respect toward the old buildings’ history and traditional feelings,
architecture masters designed the unique creative design, which kept the original appearance and integrated the distinct style of old buildings with contemporary design elements.
After completing the renovation, old buildings will be reborn and shape the city’s individuality and perpetuate the city’s culture and memory.

Another Masterpiece of Italian Designer

In the era of razing the old and building the new, people always embrace the feelings of bygone days.
When the city wakes up from the old time, we will face up to the past, the present and the future, consider whether old things should be replaced or cherished, and create a real "Name-card of City" with the spark by collision between classic things and fashionable things.

Our mission is to excavate the city's hidden culture, to renovate the largest industrial heritage in center of Kunming on the basis of the modern urban life in the future. Italian architectural experts were invited to redesign the project prudently.
In the long designing process, the experts repeatedly compared with original drawings and historical photos, and tried to look for the original trace only in order to recover the building with original material, color, condition!
Project designs kept the building style and feature, rebuilt the space environment and function, remained historical elements of the construction in different times,
reserved the chimney, which is the symbol of modern industrial, integrated the elements of art and fashion according to the modern lifestyle and the emotion world of modern people,
combined the creative design with fashion consumption sophisticatedly in the space, formed an multipurpose buildings fusing the industrial culture and the urban culture with the unique historical details and distinctive style.

It's at any cost to renovate large industrial buildings, rebuild the industrial workshop and boiler house,
retain the original building's walls of red bricks, blue bricks and construction components,
use innovative technology to reinforce the existing buildings, and reproduce architectural style.
Part of unworthiness buildings is demolished, and two new modern buildings of glass curtain wall and steel structure are constructed.
A central square surrounded by the old and new buildings is formed, making the "conflict" and “dialogue” between the old buildings and the new buildings.

Modern Facilities

Envisioning the function of buildings in the coming decades, we designed and chose modern facilities for all buildings,
including two-story underground garages and civil air-defense facilities in 8 meters depth,electrical system, fresh air system, elevators system, exhaust system, water supply & drainage system, illumination system, fire extinguisher systems, and underground facilities of water, electricity, gas, communication cable, sewage disposal system, and so on.