With the contemporary pulse of metropolises life-style,we need reposition and re-plan the function of buildings,
in order to maximize historical value, artistic value and economic value.

Kunming is the fastest growing city of China

Kunming has more than 12% of GDP growth for 6 consecutive years.
In 2013, Kunming’s GDP totaled 341.5 billion RMB,up 12.8% on the previous year, the average GDP per capita reached USD8540.
In 2013, per Capita Disposable Income of Kunming’s Urban Residents reached 28,354 RMB,which was roughly equivalent to that of Shanghai in 2009, up 15.3% on the previous year.

Kunming is the most vibrant city of China

In Yunnan, there are lots of beautiful places, such as the Stone Forest (the world natural heritage), Dianchi Lake, West Hill, Green Lake…, more than 56 million tourists are attracted to Kunming every year.
From a "historical and cultural city in China" to a "global tourist destination", and from "International Horticultural Expo" to "China - South Asia Expo", with the fourth largest airport being constructed, which has more than 30 million passengers in 2013, Kunming is becoming China's major hub and gateway to the Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Rapid Urban Development

Subway, urban complexes, high class office buildings, upscale hotels emerged with the urbanization process.
International hotels are appearing one by one, such as Intercontinental Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, and Accor Hotels…
International retailers can be seen everywhere, such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro AG, Starbucks, and McDonald’s…
The creative industrial agglomerations, the high-end boutique hotel will become the trend during urban development.

Powerful Consumer Demand

Golf & villas, limousines, luxury goods, study abroad and imported foods became more and more popular,
Ordinary houses, private cars, travel, health care, art education, entertainment are adopted by more and more families.
Goods and services are obviously lagged under powerful consumption and weakly commercial competition, and E-business has great impact on the traditional retail...
The backbone force of leading the lifestyle appeared. Experiencing consumption and spiritual consumption will become a mainstream of life in the future.

WINART is a revived industrial heritage.

When the core elements of art, originality and fashion are embedded in industrial heritage buildings with history and culture, the old buildings will revive with the colorful and changeable sheen.
Art studio & art center, creative space & showroom, boutique hotel, restaurants, pub, fashion life co-exist in the whole space, which integrate experience of art & originality with multifunction including accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment, with mainstream art, personalized originality and international fashion fusing and interacting, become a “stage of art & originality”, a “destination of fashion experience” and new “site of urban tourism” to meet the requirements of new fashion nobles and tourists with exciting sensory experience.

A Stage of Art & Originality

Like Beijing 798 and The Bridge 8 of Shanghai, WINART is a platform for exhibition, academic exchange, exchanging for artists and creators, in order to exert accumulative effect of cultural innovation industry. The platform will be built with international vision and market-oriented operation by professional art agency and creative operation team.
Let public approach art for experiencing the emotional resonance and sharing the artistic pleasure!
Let public approach originality for experiencing the alternative world and perceiving the creative inspiration!

A Destination of Fashion Experience

Like K11 of Hong Kong,
when art and originality are combined with commerce, new feelings, thoughts and fashion will advent.
Art treasures and hotel, creative sculptures and coffee, multiculture and food, music fountain with wine…
When art and originality meet fashion, the prospective commercial combination will form free and individual brands.

New Site of Urban Tourism

Like Shanghai Xintiandi,
Jinma and Biji Memorial Arch,East and West Temple Tower, Jinri building, industrial heritage buildings…
All kinds of local buildings with long history are unparallel resources of urban tourism around WINART.
The innumerable travelers are attracted by multi-culture of the traditional and the modern, meanwhile find out the city history and taste the connotation of urban culture. Each finding and experience always brings a lot of joy!

Art studio & art center

the gathering place of chief artists and art treasures

When art masters come together in the art hall, the temperament of city disembogues greatly!
Based on the independent and open art spaces of art studio and gallery, it provides an effective and interactive communication platform for artists and the public.
It is also a public platform of the exhibition and exchange for global art works, which creates the art platform for Yunnan communicating with the world!

Creative space and exhibition hall

Yunnan's most creative agglomeration of creative industry

When Creativity adherents get together in the creative space, the vitality of the city is fully showed!
Gathering the industries of advertisement, architecture, arts & crafts, fashion clothes, movies, music, cartoon, interactive software and so on, it creates an platform of the creative industries for design, display and communication.

Art boutique hotel

the first theme hotel in Yunnan

The hotel is designed by Italian design masters of architecture and art masters.
Through the impressive performance of artistic vision and the creation of space, it integrates art, originality and fashion to create the experience feelings of understanding Yunnan art and exploring the culture essence for tourists all over the world. It manifests the luxury urban life with internationalization and personalized service!

The district of fashion life

the most fashionable place in Yunnan

Gathering fashionable store, coffee & dessert, boutique supermarkets, fitness center and health Spa…fashion life here!
Introduction of Yunnan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia food, taste the pure ingredients and authentic cuisine, experience the foreign food culture!

The district of culture and entertainment

Yunnan's high fashion bars area

Gathering theme bars with the feelings of art, it releases the sense of international entertainment and the vitality of city!

【Basic Data】

Gross Building Area: about 37,000 m2
Total Area: about 10,487 m2
Building Numbers: 6, the building of monomer
Floor distribution: From first to eighth(the highest) with the uppermost floor height up to 6.5 meters Underground Garage: 2 floors

The Urban Center of Kunming NO.128 Shulin Street

It’s the origin of the prosperous Kunming, the west and the east meeting, fusing the old and the new!
In 2015, art and originality meet fashion; the past and the present meet the future.

Auxiliary Facilities

300 meters away from the main road ——South Ring Road,
700 meters away from Jinbi road, which is the downtown of Kunming with the convenient transportation and lots of the mature facilities around,
10 minutes’ walk away from the entrance of metro line 3,5 minutes’ walk away from new Luo Siwan commercial center,
5 minutes’ drive away from the railway station, The gateway to Changshui international airport
Connecting with Sanshi street, Nanping street, Zhengyi road, East Temple street, Haigeng road and Dongfeng road,
the advent of WINART will accelerate the fusion of urban center’s commerce.